How to clean your trainers


It’s a popular notion that men dress from the trainer up. Sneaks come first, and it’s super important we keep those trainers boxfresh. But how? Stay ahead of the game with five steps to clean your creps.

1. The laces

Remove laces from your kicks. Place the laces inside a pillow case or bag suitable for delicates and wash them in the washing machine.  If your laces are white – cold wash in the machine or soak in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of detergent to remove any stains

2. The soles

Tap away any loose dirt from your trainers. Get a bowl of water with detergent and warm water. Wet the soles with a spray bottle, then scrub with a toothbrush or soap brush using your detergent concoction. Respray and continue until clean.

3. Main trainer 

Wipe the body of your shoe with a damp cloth with the soapy mixture or face wipes. Use a clean toothbrush to get dirt out of the hard to reach places. NB. if you’re tempted to put white trainers in the washing machine… don’t. Hand washing trainers is the best way to go. The magic eraser is an essential for any trainer fanatic, used to buff out any marks.

4. Towel dry

Rub them down good or air dry if you’ve got time – DO NOT put them in the dryer, unless you want a pair of children’s shoes to come out.

5. Add Crep Protect at the end for keeping stains away

The team at Crep Protect have worked hard to create a solution that works and are the don of the cleaning trainer world. Go for a double coat if you’ve never used it before. They don’t win awards for nothing.

How to clean suede trainers?

If you’ve got a suede pair, prevention is better than the cure. Set up your sneakers by investing in a good suede protector. It may be obvious but not letting them get wet is the key to suede success. Check the weather before you leave.

But what about knit trainers?

Knit is fast becoming a common material in the trainer sphere, often used for high-performance footwear. Similar to standard trainers, use a small bowl, cool water, mild soap and a microfibre cloth to wash away the dirt.

So, how long will cleaning your trainers take?

Rob from @ForeverFootwear in Liverpool says it all depends on the trainer, and the condition in which they are in.

‘For that box fresh feeling on the average shoe, we would suggest a good 20-30 minute hand clean.  But again, it all depends on what state they’re in. We normally spend around 30 minutes per pair to ensure we’ve covered all bases.’

‘If there’s one piece of advice we could give, it would be to buy the best shoe protection and cleaning products around. There’s nothing worse than having your best intentions ruined due to a cheap suede cleaner or brush.’

There you have it. Lead with the cleanest trainers on the block.