The Movember Guide: Everything You Need To Know


It’s officially that time of year again: no shave November. We know it’s protocol by now to give Movember a go. Though, if this is your first time attempting this monthly experiment, or you just want to polish up your male grooming skills, then we’ve rounded up this Movember guide to give you all what you need to know to perfect your mustache, or moustache, however you want to name.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. To mark prostate cancer awareness, men all around the globe are supporting the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, the Movember foundation. It’s as simple as growing your moustache for the month, ‘reminding the people in your life of the importance of men’s health’. Want to join the movement? Grow your mo.

5 Tips for growing and grooming facial hair

Facial hair needs a little TLC at just the right times to avoid it becoming unruly. If you want to see the movement through until the end of November, you need to maintain your moustache the right way.

1. Invest in a facial scrub                                                                                                                           

If you’re not used to keeping your facial hair longer than a few days, a whole 30 days might seem alien to you. A facial scrub already needs to be a part of your regime to clear out your pores, but this especially comes into play when cleaning out dead skin cells or remnants of food building up in your moustache. It’s not a good look, trust us. Use twice a week to prevent your skin from drying out.

2. Lather up                                                                                                                                         

We’ve officially headed into autumn, so expect the weather, central heating and the constant changes in temperature to play havoc on your skin. To prevent your moustache from drying out, take a pea-size amount of shampoo and conditioner to gently lather up your facial hair to give it an extra bit of life.

3. Trim

The rule of thumb is to never trim your moustache, or beard for that matter, when it’s wet. Why? Once dry, your facial hair will be even shorter so you would have most likely cut off too much than what you originally wanted. Your hair hangs lower when it’s wet, so ensuring it’s cut whilst dry is your best bet to avoid those trimming fails. It’s also worthwhile investing in a fine-tooth comb to detangle any knots and keep it even.

4. It’s all in the style

A moustache is one thing, but maintaining a mo is another. Using a daily moisturiser will keep your hair soft and versatile which means it’s even better to style. If you’ve got a design in mind, make sure it holds its shape by using a wax or clay.

5. The moustache doesn’t have to go solo

A stand alone mo can be a bit of a risk, especially if this is your first Movember. Don’t forget that growing some stubble can add shape to your face whilst giving your moustache some reinforcement. All you need to do is shape your facial hair with a beard trimmer and you’ve got yourself an A class grooming game.

Find your Mo style

The Movember Foundation released several types of moustaches that match your face shape to make sure you’re raising your mo game year after year. Not everyone can pull off a connoisseur moustache. What you think you could pull off may not be the same in reality, so don’t go in too quick with the fine-tooth comb and scissors. Before you grow your first follicle, have in mind what style you want to aim for.

Moustache styles for an oval face shape


First of all, if you’ve got an oval face shape, congrats. The symmetry of your face is perfectly balanced so you don’t want to throw it off course by going for heavy cuts. From the above guide, you want to be opting for a horseshoe type moustache, like an after eight, a connoisseur or a box car as sported by David Beckham. Stay clear of the Hulk Hogan trucker style.

Moustache styles for a square face shape

Unleash your inner Hulk Hogan. If you’ve got a square face and want to give it some length, the trucker moustache is the one. The classic chevron, also known as box car, style can also give emphasis to a square face shape. Keep clear of thin tache’s like the wisp. This can unsettle the proportions on your face and may not give justice to the angular points you’re blessed with.

Moustache styles for a triangle face shape

You might think triangle and automatically rule yourself out. But it isn’t what you have in mind. If you have quite a sharp chin and a structured jawline, this one is for you. Moustaches tend to give even more facial emphasis so you may need to hold back on the prominent and ‘out there’ cuts. Instead, use your hair stubble to merge into your moustache to offset any style you choose. Celebs with the best moustaches for triangle face shapes are Ryan Gosling, Frank Ocean and Kanye West. Take note.

Moustache styles for a long face shape

Think Sacha Baron. Sound familiar? A long face with angular features is also known as a diamond face. Compared to the round face shape, long face shapes are less versatile to that good ole’ facial hair. Keep clear of any style too heavy, like the regent or trucker.  Your face shape is significantly angular compared with the others so you need a style that will complement it and use it to your advantage. Look to wisp, a slim rockstar tache or a connoisseur.

Mo it your way

When it comes to the end of month and you’re shaving off your scruff, you’ll know that you gave Movember your best shot. Who knows, you might just even end up keeping your mo.

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