How to Master Layering


It’s that time of year in which layering is key. Do layering wrong and you’re at risk of looking uncoordinated or with a similar appearance to the Michelin man. Do it right and you’ll have styling for the new autumn / winter season nailed.

Here’s a lowdown on how to layer clothes and how to do it right.

Layering Trios

They say all good things come in threes; apply this motto to daytime layering. The tip is to layer clothes from thin to thick. When it hits winter, a solid trio comes in the form of a jersey t-shirt, jumper or light shacket, then add your thick outerwear of choice as your main layer.

When the weather doesn’t know what to do, layers are necessary to adapt to the constant temperature changes through autumn. This trio is ideal when it comes to layering clothes for winter too; workplaces, shops and bars ramp up the heating during this time of year, leaving you too cold outside, but burning up as soon as you head indoors. Layering makes it easy to shake off the excess when you’re inside and to insulate yourself properly when you step outside – whatever the weather.

A solid outerwear choice are parka coats. They’re non-restrictive compared to other outerwear and allow you to outfit build with ease – not only are they breathable and waterproof, but they’re a fashion-meets-function essential you need through every season.

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Double Up

Let’s face it, you don’t want to be turning up to a bar or pub removing the 101 layers you have on. Go clean when it comes to after-hours dressing and keep to two layers for the perfect balance.  A shirt (printed or plain), pair of smart jeans or trousers and your outerwear of choice, is the perfect night-out outfit with no fuss.

Looking to add in some print? Though there’s no standard rule on which layers work better as patterns, don’t opt for print on both layers. Printed outerwear can make a statement whilst the foundation layers offer extra versatility. Going for a night out? Printed base layers with plain outerwear is most effective, knowing that if you use the cloakroom, you’ve still got your print layer as the one to sport throughout the night. This also gives your outerwear a chance to mix and match with new season pieces and generally whatever you throw at it.

Check is big on the agenda for the season, not forgetting statement slogans on key pieces. Also, look to trucker jackets, denim shackets and wool coats over your prints, for a smart evening style. Check out our trends guide for all the info you need to know.

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Key Layering Colours

Fresh combinations are a must. If you’re looking to inject some autumnal hues into your wardrobe, such as forest green, mustard yellow and rust orange, contrast them with grey marl, classic black, or white.

Invest in some utility for autumn / winter – this consists of green, grey, beige and black. Want to sport camo print? Easy. Make this your statement piece, but surround with classic colours to neutrally tone it down.

Top picks:

  • For daytime, consider layering in threes from thin to thick to avoid a shapeless look.
  • In the evening, double up and, if you’re sporting print, keep this the main focus.
  • Key layering colours for the season are autumnal shades and utility – keep it stripped back by matching with classic colours.
  • Don’t mix and match your prints – unless you want to be bold