Denim Fit Guide


Get your dose of denim and check out our jeans fit guide so you can master denim for the transitional season without doing all the legwork yourself. If you’re leaning towards super skinny jeans or prefer straighter lines to give a slimming illusion, then we’ve expanded and boosted our jean pool to suit whatever body shape you are.

Whether you’re a straight up kind of guy or want things a little more tapered, these are the jeans crafted for you.

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The Cordoza Jean Fit

cordoza jean fit

Meet Cordoza

Named after Snoop Dogg, Cordoza is a super skinny style inspired by the legendary rapper’s 6ft 4 frame. The Cordoza is a tight fitting style but always made with comfort stretch to allow for movement and durability, without depriving you of circulation.

The fit: Super skinny – our tightest fit. To be worn on the hips, no need for turn-ups.

Washes available: Black / Washed Black / Grey / Blue

It’s all in the detail: Look out for knee slashes + distressing

These spray-on denim jeans are ideal from day-to-night. Either keep them casual and team with trainers and a plain t-shirt, or jump start your layering and go for boots, shirt and an oversized jacket.

The Cordoza jean is built for any height and performs to all body shapes.

The Makavelli Jean Fit

makavelli jean fit mennace

Meet Makavelli

Tupac was inspired by Nicolo Machiavelli, an Italian philosopher, who wrote about fooling his enemies by faking his own death. So, we present to you the Makavelli jean; a skinny relaxed fit that gives the illusion of a skinny fit style, therefore enabling maximum comfort levels.

The fit: Skinny / Relaxed – to be worn on the hips. Less tight than Cordoza.

Washes available: Black / Washed Black / Raw Indigo / Vintage Blue / Green Grey

It’s all in the detail: Find these with clean knee slashes.

The multi-functional jeans you need in your wardrobe. These jeans can easily be turned up to a rolling hem or add a smart element just the way they are – a versatile option that works for both day and night. Match these with oversized sweaters and trainers for an off-duty look.

The Wallace Jean Fit

wallace jean fitMeet Wallace

Wallace named after Christopher George Latore Wallace AKA The Notorious B.I.G.

Our slim fit is a traditional fit with an impactful and “notorious” name. Again, the silhouette replicates the rapper’s body shape. As a result, they are ideal if you’re more muscular or have defined legs and looking for a slimming effect.

The fit: Slim – traditional style, to be worn a little lower on the hips.

Washes available: Raw Indigo / Plain Grey / Mid Blue

It’s all in the detail:  Rip + Repair options available to aid the grunge look.

Slim-fit jeans are for all occasions. Whether you’re meeting your mates at the pub or need to throw on a pair for work? Wallace can adapt to you.

The Dara Jean Fit

mennace dara jean fitMeet Dara

Dara named after Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones also known as Nas. The jean was inspired by Nas’ innovative career as, not only a musician, but an entrepreneur (owning companies such as Fila) and actor (narrated and rapped in The Get Down 2016.) As a result, the Dara jean has a relaxed nature – it is a contemporary style, to be worn with confidence.

The fit: A relaxed, vintage fit. To be worn a little lower on the hips and hit just above the ankle.

Washes available: Washed Black / Stonewash Blue / Vintage Blue / Dark Blue / Grey

It’s all in the detail: These are wide-reaching – In particular, turn to raw hems, rip knee, slashes, distressing, paint splats, ghosted pockets and abrasions – anything, you name it.

A big trend for autumn / winter styling is giving a nod to the grunge, punk era. So, double denim works well with this jean – just keep t-shirts subtly tucked in to add structure.

The Chancellor Jean Fit

chancellor mennace jean fitMeet Chancellor

The Chancellor is derived from Chancellor Johnathan Bennet AKA Chance the Rapper. A relatively young musician who has gained recognition over the past few years – therefore the chancellor fit mirrors this. So, this is a new style that rebels against the mass appeal for skinny shapes. Chance the Rapper continues his unique style through his clothing and is well known for wearing overalls and dungarees. Because of this, the Chancellor jean is inspired by this with its wide straight legs.

The fit: Straight crop – to be worn low on the hips

Washes available: Black / Greencast

It’s all in the detail:  Raw and turned up hems, including distressing.

This jean is a more relaxed, slouchy style – So save for the daytime – turn up the hem for an 80’s feel.

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