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First day at a new job or want to upgrade your workwear? We’ve rounded up this edit on what to wear for work depending on your industry. 

Even if your workplace has one of the most flexible dress code options, it can be easy to veer over into lazy code territory. Don’t be slack on your dress sense. Invest in some staples to cover you all year round.


OK, turning up to lectures at 9am sharp isn’t ideal when you’ve had a heavy night and you’ve got several looming deadlines for assignments. Student dressing is one of the most chilled out, so you can afford to slack off slightly but still look dapper. When you hit the adult world, it’s unlikely you can turn up to a place of work in a hoodie and joggers so make the most of the comfort factor whilst you can.

Go for joggers with a tapered leg and layer up with a hoodie/sweatshirt and t-shirt. Let’s face it, you don’t want to be turning up to your seminar or lecture removing the 101 layers you have on. Go clean when it comes to dressing for uni and keep to two layers for the perfect balance. Opt for signature styles for a premium finish and oversized t-shirts will maintain your style when you’ve taken off your top layer. Don’t forget to sign up to your Unidays discount to make the most of Mennace.

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Agency Environment

Dress the part, especially when you’re working in an image-conscious role for a creative agency. Finding the right work outfit needs to reflect your personality and taste. Finding the balance between workwear and client meetings can often be a little tricky so it’s more viable if you opt for smart casual with an element of quirkiness to set the tone.

We’ve teamed a dark floral shirt with skinny jeans and a wool coat for the first pick and a tie dye shirt, signature t-shirt and skinny jeans to show that you’re dressed to impress. These options are relaxed for the office but also give off professional vibes when you’re meeting your clients face-to-face. It’s a win-win all round.

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It’s important to dress smart when you’re working in a retail environment – especially when you’re the front line of the business. You will have probably been told what the dress code is. If not, it’s never cool to be underdressed or overdressed so aiming for a middle ground is what you need.

If the company you’re working for is more casual orientated, try out an oversized or slim-fitting t-shirt paired with jeans and smart shoes.  Stay clear of slogan t-shirts and distressed detailing. These statement clothes are great to wear outside of work but may not be considered suitable at your workplace. Wanting to upscale? Try a shirt and jeans combo – you can’t go wrong.

We’ve chosen a rust orange shirt and skinny jeans as a smarter option. Autumnal colours are of-the-moment right now, including mustard yellow and forest green. Double denim is also key to nail. Investing in a trusty trucker jacket will see you through all seasons so you don’t have to be conscious about buying new threads each season.

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